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it may be possible, what you may need to do is to replace files with other projects. By replacing them you need to change the file name to the file that you are trying to replace with.

I recommend using ES file explorer for opening files with certain applications.

You get to control the frames in options, just set the fps to something a bit slower. If you are going below 1 then idk. Just use more frames. Do some math and that'll fix it, if your math is bad, use an editing app to fix your time issue.

just backup your animations by holding down on them until it gives you options.

i recommend draw a line after you finish drawing something and then undoing ↩ it to save the frame

have you tried starting the app sideways? It usually decreases pen size.

If it keeps happening I recommend making a small line then undo ↩ to save the frame.

I would recommend using a different resolution or just import a png of a color wheel then use the color picker to choose a color.

Hold on the speaker (🔊) next to the soundtrack. You can slide it up and down for volume control.