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Oh! Also, I am using an ipad mini and my canvas size is: Width: 1280, Height: 720.

The app is super great, but a few crashes and some suggestions. It crashes when I choose next frames fast and when I use the rope full multiple times in a row. I am aware that you will be adding backgrounds from image library, thankyou. I think the app needs a few more tools... such as the airbrush, I also think the eraser should get to go a bit larger. When you create flipaclip to be able to add music, I think the music should get to be from Image Library, Icloud, and Music Library. Thanks so much for all your hard work, we really appreciate it!

I Want to ask you for something

Can you add something like an audio template on flipaclip for iOS and or android?

Mostly iOS lol!

Because this would improve flipaclip sooo much and it's a great idea

It still crashes a tiny bit (much less than it used to!) when I do copy and paste, BUT, everything is saved still!

Yeah, I understand that its annoying I'm kind of extremely mad abt it but this is the first version of the app so that's something to understand

that hasn't happened to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did

Oh! This is amazing news to hear! Thanks so much for telling me this!

Oh! Another thing I must ask! In the soonest or second update can you do something about the rope tool..

so in the old android version the rope tool could squash and stretch on one said if you wanted... what I mean is you could push a top part down and the other part wouldn't go down! That was one of my favorite parts of android flipaclip... please do this for ios version too! also I want to make custom backgrounds XD please

I am using an ipad mini and my canvas size is: Width: 1280, Height: 720. Hope this helps! And you are welcome!

I hope I explained it well, thank you so much for all of your hard work! <3