Your comments

-Oh I forgot for the background to say that if we can also choose a moving background:3 thanks:3

For the app that will be super perfect:3

-add audio from iCloud or music library(it will be verrrry nice;3)

-able to add our own background

-version for less than iOS 10 and for other iPads etc

-able to add effects

-correcting frames that dissapear sometimes

that's some thing that I want to be for making the app perfect is someone have an other idea just say it to jona:3

Thanks for reading it

I want to also add something I want audio and I want opacacity for each layer not opacacity for all layers,I want also add that to smooth the app because it's difficult to control:3 thanks for reading this message and hope you will do this update and thanks for adding a background:3

I want to use the color and add a color and its start crashing each time i touch it I want to u to correct it please and I also want to personalize my own background and add audio thanks for reading this message:3

I use an iPad Air 1 :3 and for the canvas it depend the person:3

Idk if there is an app for screen recorder:3

I want to use a background video,easily duplicate,save work, adding audio(iCloud.itune.voice.etc),effects recorder(if u want),also image as background... I will add some info after:3

And I want also to say to personalize background and duplicate easily:3

And for the iPad you have to do the iOS 10 update I did it but something else is wrong:3


Me too: