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You download bluestacks from their site (just pick the version that applies to your os), install and run it. Then you just go to the play store and install it. It works like it would with a regular tablet, you can even use your google account and buy the unlocks and everything worked fine for me.

Thank you very much for those instruction in step two. That definitely makes backing up all of my projects at once much easier!


I didn't want to start a new topic and felt this would be a perfect spot to chime in, SO! Sorry if this is considered to be hijacking the thread or whatever but here's my views on the subject.


Firstly, this new version brought quite a few necessary features that it lacked before and gives more of an impression of professionalism.

The lasso tool now has flip image and it doesn't seem to murder the quality of the selected image when you rotate it and resize it, so that's great.

The canvas. In the last version it had only the one size of 854x480, which exported as 1280x720. On the new version, the canvas size options should fit anyone's needs and also it maintains the aspect ratio for you, so you can't go wrong there.

Layers now have opacity? Yes, a lot of yes to that. Animating semi-transparent effects and the like just became SO much easier!

The default sample animation and movie building animations showboat the capabilities of the app, making it feel less "kiddie".


The new theme. I see a lot on here that everyone doesn't seem to like it... And I have to agree. I fully get that by going with a lighter theme, you get more performance and I'm sure that when more layers come in later updates, this new backbone for performance will have paid off... But honestly, it's rough to look at for long periods of time. Even if a darker theme came through as an in-app purchase, you'd certainly have my money.

The tools have pretty much been improved across the board, in terms of quality. However, the sliders in the previous version were already somewhat difficult to get an exact size number but now it feels far more clumsy and difficult to land on an exact number. I'd probably get over that eventually, I suppose.

There are quite a few various disabling problems that I've come across (and I've already sent out the bug reports). I get an error while creating projects of a custom canvas size. It will still create the project, but simply will not load it. I haven't been able to export png sequences, which gives the "Error:-72". Even testing a gif, I'm not seeing google drive as an export option(which I need that or a save to device). All previous projects were wiped upon the update, on two of my three devices..


I am an avid user of flipaclip. I went from light boards and paper to flipaclip and it is my goto above higher grade softwares, like flash and anime studio(which I also have). However, I am glad that I didn't update on my tablet. I have over 900 projects on it(about 6 gigs!) and if it were to be corrupted(as previous projects were on my two phones), I would have had a meltdown! I wouldn't have been able to fix it manually because the files are no longer pngs. They're .fci. While this is certainly a more professional approach and improves the integrity of the app, it was something that I take advantage of and makes the old version that much more useful to me. So, for the time being, I cannot make use of the new version. I fully anticipated bumps in this overhaul and I am certainly hopeful of the updates to come.

Oh! I also haven't tried to export anything other than a png sequence to Google drive, so I can't say if the other options work or not.

Bluestacks is an application, so it's not like other Android emulators, where you have to partition your hard drive and dual boot and all that crazy stuff.

It runs windowed by default, but you can do alt+enter or f11(I forget which) to match your pc resolution settings. On mine, it has some black at the top and bottom of the screen, so it's not a perfect match, but I can't complain.

The only function I found that didn't work was the in-app pen mode, though you can bypass that pretty easily with the wacom settings. I also can't confirm if pressure sensitivity works because I don't use it but aside from that, it's pretty much on par with what's on my tablet.

As a stand in, you can use bluestacks (an android emulator) to run flipaclip on pc. However, if you want a pen only mode, I had to do it on wacom's settings. I think it's better on a tablet, though. Drawing directly on the screen is way more natural and flowy for me.