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Yeah, a native pc port would be great. I tested it on bluestacks for someone on this thread. I had zero issues with running the app via the android emulator. My paid extras even came with it and pressure sensitivity was great, but just reading other posts, people are having problems. I tried bluestacks again and it's slower than I remember and filled with ads and forced app installs... It's bad and I withdraw my recommendation.

I'll go ahead and drop other possible stand-in solutions I've tried that worked really well. Screen mirroring or usb-to-hdmi worked REALLY well. My wired connection uses a docking method, so I get two extra usb options, where I plugged my wacom into one of the free ports. I wouldn't know how to hook up a wacom with a usb direct to hdmi setup. The screen mirror didn't produce any noticable latency, so I'd say that's the best method for quick connectivity as it only requires connected wacom an clicking mirror.

Another desktop sort of experience I tried was using an sbc running Android 7. The board is an odroid xu04 (there are many cheaper board options out there) and both the wireless and wired connections from wacom worked right away. Pressure sensitivity was just as good as windows too. Everything was really responsive and I don't really have any complaints, though the docking method was by far the best because I can transfer files directly to my computer instead of android to cloud, cloud to windows and it's streamed over top of windows.

Notes: I could not get wacom to work correctly on Android 5 (lollipop). I did not try Android 6 or 4. 7 and 8 worked right away with no setup.

A desktop version would obviously be the best thing ever, but these options might help for the time being.

You download bluestacks from their site (just pick the version that applies to your os), install and run it. Then you just go to the play store and install it. It works like it would with a regular tablet, you can even use your google account and buy the unlocks and everything worked fine for me.

Thank you very much for those instruction in step two. That definitely makes backing up all of my projects at once much easier!

Oh! I also haven't tried to export anything other than a png sequence to Google drive, so I can't say if the other options work or not.

Bluestacks is an application, so it's not like other Android emulators, where you have to partition your hard drive and dual boot and all that crazy stuff.

It runs windowed by default, but you can do alt+enter or f11(I forget which) to match your pc resolution settings. On mine, it has some black at the top and bottom of the screen, so it's not a perfect match, but I can't complain.

The only function I found that didn't work was the in-app pen mode, though you can bypass that pretty easily with the wacom settings. I also can't confirm if pressure sensitivity works because I don't use it but aside from that, it's pretty much on par with what's on my tablet.

As a stand in, you can use bluestacks (an android emulator) to run flipaclip on pc. However, if you want a pen only mode, I had to do it on wacom's settings. I think it's better on a tablet, though. Drawing directly on the screen is way more natural and flowy for me.