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Just spotted your post Ralph, this sounds very good news, fingers crossed it will be sorted very soon :)  I have all sorts of animation projects that I could use this for.

Thanks PepStep, very helpful info :-) I'm surprised nobody has done a review on YouTube of how Flipaclip works using an Android emulator. Defo thinking of testing out your solution.

Thanks Pep Step... I am a little wary of bluestacks as it is my only PC and I don't want to wreck anything. I would love to draw directly onto the screen, but my 10" lenovo tablet does not like any stylus I try to use, it is just not responsive enough. It works perfectly with my finger, but not the stylus (I have tried regular rubber tipped stylus and one of those fine tipped ones with a transparent disc on the end, but it doesn't like them.

With bluestacks does it work full screen or does it open in a tablet sized window on the PC? And most importantly in Bluestacks does Flipaclip work normally with full functionality?

I keep coming back to this page Jona. I know you have your hands full with the ios version, but how far away are you from creating a PC version of your brilliant app. A PC version would allow far more accurate drawing with wacom tablet and it would allow a bigger screen to see the detail without having to zoom in. Currently there is nothing as intuitive as flipaclip for the PC.

So how long will it be?