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Well when I draw or erase the tools are too responsive and they miss judge how far I want them to go sometimes, also I would love to have an update where I can use photos as a background. Thanks

Idk how to explain it but is it harder to draw with the new app? For me the drawing and erasing tools move too qu

One thing I absolutely need in an update or something is being able to use a picture as a background because I usually draw my characters by hand and trace them on the app

Here's a link to one of my videos

*anyway I'm not sure why it keeps cutting my words short

I don't post often I'm working on something pretty big right now an

Grant Parker is the name of my chna

*cough chough Ahem! Uh do you guys know I just might have a YouTube channel you should check out. Just throwing that way out there since everyone here is a big flipaclip fan and I have a couple animations btw. *cough cough 😉