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Are you sure you are not on a different layer?

you can switch it on in the settings.

You mean like a stroke smoother that a lot of apps have,smooths out any slight wobbles as you draw?.I believe Sketchbook has this called Predictive Stroke which smooths out after rather than while you draw.Realtime smoothing would be better I think though.

The reply above ,I think that is a different issue and a different fix,a cursor offset is what you’d need for this also some apps have.Basically places the drawing point above or below and left or right of your finger so your finger is not hiding what you draw.

You already can access music library but you won’t be able to use protected songs and for good reason, copyright.Anyway to get to it click the red circle +,then the arrow down with line under then choose itune library.If you have added DRM free songs you’ll be able to load them in but not protected songs.

Also you can access ICloud or Dropbox(if installed) and load in from there(choose file option).

Also see this:

Did you fix this?

You can go into settings (cog symbol) and click premium features then restore purchases.

I second that.Thanks a lot.

Which Ipad because it is fine on my 10.5 pro.Also what the ipad itself is updated to will be useful I imagine.

I don’t know any app that does both and still be good at both.They’d need to charge more for such an extensive app and bring it out as FlipaClip 2.

Also I am not too sure tweening is more popular FlipaClip seems to be the top app for animating yet it’s speciality is frame by frame.

You already have here but you need to be descriptive of the exact proplem.

Keep an eye Thursday April 26th!

Ready for test on IOS (from facebook group.)