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I told him at his pinned comment. Not the one all the way up. I guess I can say in the middle? But if you see my comment commenting to a person called Jona (Developer), that's where I commented to him.

It happened to me to. I told the developer what happened. I think he saw my comment so I think he'll fix and deal with it.

Hey, there is a problem.. When i try to buy all the features in your amazing app Flipaclip, no bar told me to enter your password thing. It keeps saying requesting product info. Please fix this. Thanks! :D

Thanks! But don't you have a device like a ipad, iPad mini, or a other iOS device? Flipaclip is here now for iOS.

A animation I made on my channel

I'm a youtuber to! A animator. I'm AzOkc The Cat. I have 121 subs and I will later be using flipaclip. Feel free to subscribe if you like my channel! :D

I'm sorry but approving a app takes up to 5 days or 8 to 10 days.. Yeah.. We gotta wait a long time..


I know. Some youtuber told me she got it, but she used the app Test flight and putted in a code to get the app. I didn't think i should trust it. Even if its made by Apple.