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its so GREAT animation !!!! l like it ...cheers

i liked this idea so much..and i think if this happened already , flipaclip will be more famous more x 10000000..... sinces it will be like a social media where animator community will increases and interact with each other works,, comments on it or rate/react.. and when flipaclip have their contests..they can announce it there,, and they can post there work simply there..

i think it will be so hard if it will become social media,, so maybe just a gallery is so acceptable for me too..i liked it

i think he/she telling that having some good selection tool like magic wand tool to easily select desired picsart/photoshop etc....

so that we can easily color the desired area more precise and fast since only the selected area is able to draw/erase..

Thanks for response  :)))) @Dusan Kolic

when it will be added , im very excited??!

Keyframes may be helpful for those who want to add/import their image in the canvas/drawing board , not just in one frame but in multiple frames by their desired area/frames..if that added it will be great since it will be like an video editor.. 

And to add it in the app..i think you can try kinemaster for android to gets what it will be look alike..since the apps offer keyframing..

Yeah i think its great and can help many youtubers to record their progress in their work and makes the video size more compress.. but i know that the RAM will suffer for this..but i hope it will be possible

thats also happened to me..but if you want to export your animation and later use other background to merge with it..try to export your work with green/blue background (it depends on your works color)..and use kinemaster..add your desired background (either photo or video) ,then use video/media layer to add your animation work there....and last press the chroma key feature, choose the color what your animation's background color..and adjust the threshold to your desired look..and thats it!!!!  just like you havin some transparent background..

hope i help!!!..

(if you confused to me..ask what you didn't understand)

its very possible..Use some video editor like "kinemaster" offer image layer..simply do your own watermark and add it to your video clips with the use of image layer...hope i help

nothing...but that is a good idea..that feature called "symmetric tool"...hope it will added to future updates..

use some video editor that is available for IOS...

hope this features added in future updates!!!