Your comments

you should offer a lot of features as a nice digital painting

●Multiple Brush Presets/Choices (included with Airbrush, Pen, Watercolor, Marker, Smudges, Blur and more etc. etc...

●Custom Brush Presets (Multiple Settings and Variables)

●Can Import and Export Brushes and Share to others..

●Can Customize/Use your Own Texture

add perspective/skew tool in selection tool to make more 3d feel...just like warping

yeah it will be great if we could post our work to flipaclip..showcase it ,react and comment and share..just like social media sites like Facebook,twitter,instagram, & Youtube.etc

I suggest you can use Chroma key for moving background..1st you should use plain green/blue/red background (*depend on your scene)..and save your animation to your gallery..

2nd use Kinemaster Pro Video Editor and use the moving background..and add your animation as video layer..

3rd use the Chroma key option and choose the color of your background to make it transparent..

4th Save it to gallery..and tada ...word Done   ...

*hope help!!

btw.. thanks for such a great app flipaclip!!!looking for your update

and the blur layer tool/blur pen too, & blend layer tool/blending pen tool is also nice to have..why??..because it will helps us in creating visual effect/superpower FX easily..makes animation stunningly Great!!!!

I think Flipaclip need/must have camera movement tool because it is the best animation software now on playstore..


like if you want to emphasize some movement with strength or you want to emphasize speed of the characters on your also helped for instantly change background i think if flipaclip have this is will be more awesome...!!!!

it usually happening to me also..when i add some video layer and after finished to just made a new layer and the video is nothing anywhere, simply just a new transparent layer..

One app for Android have that features called "Correction".. this helped an artist to write/draw stroke smoothly even without any access to have/to use Stylus..

Another app have also this features called "Hand-shake Correction/Stabilizer", thats why I love to use this app because even my phone screen is small, I can do great arts..just like a professional apps. And I hope FLIPACLIP will have this Features because there are so many user there with small screen..