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I’m pretty sure I’m not on android since I can’t find the debug part. The weird thing is, when I make a new animation and input the same video, it works. It’s not because I have too many layers already either. I only have two layers when I tried to input the video on my mother’s day animation, and I don’t want to delete my already made progress either. I’m pretty sure the max layers you can have without having to buy premium features is three layers?

I did. All the steps. It worked with the first but I tried another and it didn’t work. I tried with another video and it didn’t work either. It definitely wasn’t an error message. It just didn’t work. It never made new frames either. Just made a new layer. I was curious, so I copied the frame where I tried inputting the video on. I pasted it, and it showed a part of the video. It was pretty strange.

it has nothing to do about the particular animation. It’s just that the video isn’t showing up. When I copy the empty page the video was supposed to show up on, and pasted it, it became a picture of the front of the video

no. I tried to input a video onto my animation but it didn’t show up. Only made a new layer.