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1. У вас есть эта проблема только с одним проектом, или это происходит с любым проектом?

2. Это происходит, когда вы пытаетесь добавить музыку со своего телефона или из нашей аудио библиотеки?

 If you get this error message after moving app to SD card simply move it back to internal storage and it should work again.

 If you haven't moved app to SD card and this issue happens, please try below steps:

1. Open a file manager app.

2. Navigate to the SD Card or internal storage.

3. Locate the folder "flipaclip" and go into it.

4. Rename the "movies" folder to “movies1”

5. Reopen FlipaClip.

I am glad that you were able to solve the issue. 

Let me know if you need additional help :)



Hi simsung01,

Can you please try this: Log out of the current account, log back into the first one and try to upload with that one.

Let me know if the issue is still the same.




Do you have this issue with other images or only with that particular one?

Please share your image here with us so we can try to reproduce the issue.




Нам очень жаль за поздний ответ. У вас все еще есть эта проблема?

С Уважением,


We do not claim any copyrights on your animations drawn in FlipaClip, so as far as we are concerned you can upload them wherever you want and earn money with it :)

We wish you all the luck with that!


Kami tidak mengklaim hak cipta apa pun pada pekerjaan Anda sehingga Anda dapat memposting di YouTube atau media sosial lainnya apa pun yang Anda inginkan :)




On your old phone, have you bought the FlipaClip unlocker as a separate app some time ago or you made payment as an in-app purchase?


Would you mind being slightly more specific about the problem you are having so we can better understand how to fix this? 

What issue do you have with the lasso tool?

Thank you,