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You have the option to delete the movies. Check below step by step guide:

1. Go to the Movies section of the app

2. Long press on the movie that you want to delete and new "delete" icon will appear


Would you mind being slightly more specific about the problem you are having so we can better understand how to fix this? Please elaborate a bit more and tell us what exactly are you trying to do and what is happening.

What issue do you have with adding the music?

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Please send us an email to with information about your purchase so we can see if a refund is possible. Let us know once you send the email.



Hello, there is already undo button in the frame view panel :)

Also, what do you mean by making the pen get narrower? Are you looking for an option to change the size of your pen? If that is the case just click on the pen and there is a circle icon with a little dot inside it - just slide it up or down to change the pen size.

Check the screenshots below for the location of both undo button and option to change pen size.

Undo button:

Pen size change button:


Check the screenshot below with the location of Undo button. You can undo 40 steps! :) 

However, it won't undo added/removed frames or deleted/merged layers.


1. Have you bought old premium unlocker as a separate app some time ago or you have purchased premium as an in-app purchase?

2. Have you recently changed your Google Play accounts?



What is happening when you go to "create account" and then try to signup with that email?

Ok, so that's the reason why you lost your premium features.

You don't need to pay for it again, you just need to log in again with the account that made the purchase and open the app. You should get your premium features back automatically.

In some cases, you need to restart your phone or clear data and cache of Google Play app. Check here on how to do that:

Let me know if that helps or you still have the issue :)

I was able to reproduce the issue on my side and I see the problem. I will forward it to the developers so they can take a look.

Thank you very much :)

Спасибо! Я отправил это разработчикам, чтобы проверить, что происходит. В то же время, не могли бы вы предоставить видеозапись вашего экрана, показывающую проблему, чтобы они могли лучше понять ее?

Большое спасибо за Вашу помощь :)