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Thanks for your suggestion but I do not think there is a way to import music directly from YouTube into any app :)
I am not sure if it would even be legal to do that :)

Hi, could you please elaborate a little bit what do you mean by tools in FlipaClip are oversized?

It would be good if you can add some screenshots so we can understand it better :)

Hey Steve,

Unfortunately, 3rd party stylus is not yet supported on iOS. Only the Apple pencil works for FlipaClip on iOS devices at the moment.

Hey man,

Thanks for this, I really love your ideas :) I will be sending this over to the developers and lets see what they have to say about it :)

Hey Stevie, 

Thanks for reaching out, we are really glad that you are enjoying the FlipaClip :)

Could you please explain a bit what do you mean by translate our stuff on YouTube? :)

Hi Raphael,

Thank you very much for reaching out. I will pass this to the developers and see what we can do about it.



Thanks for getting in touch :) Could you please elaborate a bit more what do you mean by extending the slide time? :)


Thanks for your suggestion. This is a feature we will be adding in the near future. This will be part of the draw engine improvements we will be making very soon :)

Thanks for your update. I have forwarded all the info to the developers and they are going to take a look at the issue and get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience :)


Currently, only option to back up your projects or transfer them to another device is to use a manual backup option as described in the post above. 

Currently, we are thinking about cloud/account backup option and that is something that we will probably have in the future.

You can join the discussion in this thread :)