Your comments

yes absolutely..the dark theme help to reduce battery life and reduces eye pain..just like the dark mode in messenger...

this bug is always happened to me also .. even I use any phone..but I can import video when the default animation project in flipaclip(flour sack and ball) is use I just always duplicate it and change the settings and use it as project..but I wish it will be fix soon..

Flipaclip has planned "Hand Shake Correction features" for that don't worry..

Many reason why it's of that is having slow or not enough RAM in your device..etc..

Yeah I agreed..Hide Button will help us to animate even with the small screen..

it is a great idea but can you add some transform tool with warping ang skewing..along with the moving tool that's arc mentioned there..

the app called ("Drawing Cartoons 2") has the camera move tools..I used it on Android & here in this app you can animate by rigging the bone of the object..just sharing hehe

Yeah the camera movement tool , essential for shaking scene or emphasizing movements..I agree with that idea

Or Adding some custom brushes that can customize ..yeah I like it so much

you can turn it off in the setting if you didn't like it anymore