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hey, hey. The team is very small at the momemt so it cant be whipped up in 8 seconds. These things take time. And it takes even MORE time when your primary focus is on adding audio, which many people are already bugging them about it enough. I wouldnt be suprised if the team is extremely stressed out atm. So they'll get to that road when they cross it. Patience is a life skill.

I agree, this could be useful.

So, say you put down a light red on the canvas. You then pick a darker version right next to it so that they are touching. If you try to paint bucket one specific color, both colors change. Like this:

Well, you can send an email to yourself and download it from there. Its not time-consuming at all.

I believe the video you saw was either a troll or a contest entry. The contest passed already, so there is currently no way to add audio unless you have godlike timing and editing.

Have you tried signing out of youtube?

Try downloading your animation to your phone, then open it up in your editing app.