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Maybe you could have a way to turn off anti-aliasing! If you did that, the paint bucket would be fixed and we could make pixel art! It’s a win-win!

Yeah, like there could be a “Share Project” button, and somebody else could download it on their device and continue working on it!

It would be nice, though, because most free editing programs don’t allow camera movement (I’m sorry, iMovie) and we’d like to move the camera.

If it is a bug, you should post it in the bugs section.

I have an iPad Pro 10.5” running the newest iOS.

The audio moves forward by a small but noticeable window of time when I export my animation as a movie. The audio is perfectly fine when I play it while editing my animation, but when it’s exported, I have to go through a long process of moving the audio back. 

Well, it is just a beta. It might not work at first.

You could also color on a separate layer below the line art!

I think there should be an option to skew drawings as well! Sometimes, I don’t just want to rotate it.

A lot of these are problems I have had with FlipaClip too!