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Great work Robério !

Here's the Flipaclip Animation Workflow for the Gumball Animation I posted earlier:

Change the speed in the project settings ;) 


Duplicate Frames where you want the frames to last longer

I'd guess she meant the same function ProCreate or many other drawing/painting apps have: A recording function.

Can be easily bypassed with an InDevice ScreenRecording App already though. 

He said "IpadPro" + for the pen he certainly most likely use the ApplePen.

I've encountered the same but didn't think of it until now of being aware of it (I also use the IpadPro + ApplePen). 

It's easy to fix later on though with some Levels adjustments in any video/graphic programme.

Good idea! At the moment you could bypass this by finishing the desired animation on the canvas and then move the frames outside later ;)

Not sure about making a whole social media site for that but some form of curated gallery of animation done with flipaclip would certainly help newcomers see the potential of the app :)

Also I forgot these:
Animation done in FlipaClip, composing in Final Cut 

I think NightCore means to have the option to tell the app how many frames you want a frame to last (without having to duplicate that certain frame that amount of times). 

It would certainly be a useful feature for those that love to wrap up the whole animation within FlipaClip. 

(I honestly just duplicate the frames I want to stay on the screen longer OR just do that process in the composing on the computer).

Hi Steve, 

as someone that is using the new Apple pencil daily, I'd really really recommend getting it. It's the best of any ((including all the Wacom ones over the years) I had in literally anything (from the grip, the weight of it and all the features & touch sensibility). 

Yeah not legal. 

You could possibly do 3 things however:

1) Download the song from youtube via some online converter to your computer, send it over to your device & add it in.

2) Download the song from youtube via some online converter to your computer & add it to the final animation (that you sent from your device to your computer) when you compose it with any video programme (on your Computer).

3) Better, use some free for personal/commercial music that you can actually legally use for your animation work. This way you can ensure to upload it to Youtube without having to worry about a copyright strike from Youtube which could lead to the deletion of your video. For this simply search "Royalty Free Music"