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BTW,  I love the panning in and out feature you added. Thx for supplying me w/ more tools!! 

Hi! I am just a frikin' loner weeaboo who has nothing more to do with her time other than animate her favorite O.C's. I just have to say, I LOVE UR APP. I have it on my fire, so the fps aren't as fast and as easygoing as I would like it to be, but the main problem w/ mine is that I don't know how to upload music from Youtube, SoundCloud, Pandora or anything. I need the song "Love Like You" by Rebecca Sugar-- Cover by Caleb Hyles, but there is no place to where I can download that. Is there any way you guys can use you're amazing brains to help me?? All I need is a thing to submit that music to to make my animation a complete success. Thank you for listening, and see ya soon!! (Like, can yall make an option to add music on there compatible through Youtube or SoundCloud?? Thanks!!)