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Thanks for replying.

When the Alpha Start slider is low and the Alpha End slider is high (as in your screenshots), then frame number 1 should be faint and frame nuber 5 should be solid. This is how the After frames are displaying, but as you can see - for the Before frames, the progressive faintness is the opposite of what it should be.

With the sliders set as they are in the screenshots, Before frame 1 should be faint and Before frame 5 should be solid.
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Perhaps I should expand on the Flip button idea; if, for instance, I had a key drawing on frame 12 and a key drawing on frame 14 and I was working on an inbetween drawing on frame 13, I could set the Flip button to play just those three frames (or a few more if required) and it would play and loop just those frames and always return to frame 13 when it was released, so I could draw - flip - draw - flip etc.  - keeping an eye on how the movement is progressing without losing momentum or concentration.

This is a feature that very closely mimics the way one animates traditionally with pen and paper, so one that would be great for FlipaClip.

Of course ... being left handed I'd like the possibility to have this button on the right, or even on a bluetooth keyboard!
Yep - that works well and gives me the transparent PNG files that I need.  Unfortunately, currently the naming and numbering convention seems to relate to the order in which the images are drawn, rather than reflecting their frame number in the animation, which makes for a rather jumbled sequence!  It's as if I've unclipped all my drawings from the animation desk and then accidentally dropped them on the floor!  Something to think about when adding the export image sequence feature. :)
Thanks for the tip - I will try that now! :)
Excellent, thanks for the info. This will make working on the same project in FlipaClip, TVPaint and Photoshop really easy - so that my tablet can become a really useful part of the workflow.
A PNG image sequence export sounds fantastic. Would it be possible to incude the option to export with a transparent background?
Thanks for the reply. It's pretty standard on all drawing programmes and apps that the tools retain their settings - with a handy return to default button for when that is required.

I always draw with a small light pencil and it's a bit cumbersome to have to first select the pencil tool and then set up the opacity and size whenever I start a drawing. Sometimes, I find the app has gone back to the default pen tool even when returning to an existing project.