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If you long-press on a project in Project View, you'll see a cloud icon on the top right of the screen. Clicking this will bring up the options to export your project. Exported projects can then be imported into FlipaClip on other Android. devices

I'm hoping the import feature will include PNG sequence import. This would really improve FlipaClip's ability to work in conjunction with a desktop animation program - which is how I like to use it.

Currently I can work on an animation in FlipaClip and easily transfer that animation to PC. If I could also easily move animations back from PC into a FlipaClip project, then FlipaClip would REALLY start to become an invaluable part of the animation workflow.

For option 3 in Duanra's instructions above, you first need to long press the plus sign to set the copying option.

I'd agree that the option to import a background that is larger than the animation stage would be a superb addition. This would allow you to scale and move the move the background image around, effectively creating camera moves. As the OP says, this is a fundamental tool in traditional animation.

Layer transparency also gets a big thumbs up from me. :-)

I like this idea too. I think the ability to play from the selected frame to the end of the animation with no looping would be very useful.

In addition, the ability to define a frame range to play (with or without looping) would also be an excellent feature. For instance, if I have a scene of, say, 60 frames, I could put a marker at frame 21 and a marker at frame 30 and when the play button is pressed, Flipaclip would only play those ten frames - either once through or repeatedly, depending on tne state of the loop button.

Hi Jona

I tried out the new shortcuts a while back - as soon as I got the new update - and was meaning to get back to you. Not been doing much animating recently though and completely forgot! The shortcuts are fantastic and work really well, especially the arrow keys for flipping back and forth. I'd recommend anyone who enjoys animating should now get a Bluetooth keyboard!

I did notice that the onion skin toggle was not working very well - seems to either not respond at all or to toggle on and off with just one click, so that may need looking at.

Yes - I see this working on the stage timeline, as an extension of the copy/paste functions. So it would only be working on the contents of the active layer.

Even though this is easily the most popular feature request, I really don't think it's an important function.

If you are just making fun animations, you can easily incorporate audio by exporting your animation and using something like the free V-Edit app to add a soundtrack. If you want to do more complex stuff: synchronising to audio and perhaps even lipsyncing, then I think it's asking WAY too much of an Andriod app to be an all in one animation production studio.

Apart from anything else, I'm not sure that the audio capability of Android would be sufficient to make it useful in an animation app. I know that there is far too much latency in the Android audio chain to make it useful as an audio recording plarform - without the addition of extra hardware.

As part of a workflow, Flipaclip is a superb animation tool and it's certainly possible to produce animations with audio and lipsync - but you need to use other apps and programmes to acieve the final result. Flipaclip already has the export tools to allow this. I just hope that the addition of audio is not holding back the development and release of other (in my opinion) far more important features.

A couple of other important keyboard shortcuts ones I just thought of:

Light Table Toggle - turn the light table (onion skin) on and off.

Eraser Toggle - switch betweent the current tool and the eraser.