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Transparency sliders now working perfectly. Thanks. :-)

Hehe. Thanks. Funnily enough, it's the hidden shortcut - where selected items can be accurately moved up and down & left and right with the arrow keys - that I'm currently missing the most. There's a lot of things sliding up and down & left and right in my video!

Yes. Just did some further testing and it seems this behaviour only happens when using the timeline floating menu.

On a closely related issue - it would be much better, when adding, inserting or pasting frames with the timeline floating menu, if the play head automatically jumped to the newly created frame.

I've noticed this too. When you add a frame, the onion skin display does not update and refresh unless the timeline is moved, which does tend to disrupt the drawing flow a bit.

Great. Working perfectly now. Thanks.

Yep. All working now. :-)

:-) That's ok. No need to feel stupid. All interfaces are confusing when you're not used to them.

Yes. Traditionally, this was done by scrubbing through the audio and marking on an exposure sheet exactly which frame each sound will fall on. You would then use the exposure sheet when animating as a guide to your timing. Lots of wonderful animation, with very complex audio visual synchronization, have been made this way before the advent of computers!

I do appreciate that it's more convenient (and fun) to be able to drop the audio directly into the project - I'm just pointing out that animators have been successfully synching to audio without this feature for a long time.

It's probably easier with an example. In the attached screenshot, the vanishing point is marked by a blue cross. I'm using the straight line tool to animate the window opening whilst maintaining the correct perspective.

I want to be able to zoom and pan the stage and the ruler tool to move relative to the drawing, so that the end will stay on the blue cross. Currently, the ruler tool will keep a fixed point on the screen when zooming and panning, so I have to reset it every time I zoom or pan.