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I still haven't found the steps to repeat this bug, but it has happened a couple of times in the last few days. A couple of things I have noticed though; there is no 'redo' generated when this happens - the redo button remains greyed out, and it seems to occur when a project is recently opened, and once it has happened, it never occurs again in that particular session.

I'll send a bug report next time it happens - if I remember!

I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a 'Use as Background Image' option to the Frame Viewer Share dialogue. I think this would be a very useful little addition.

Working well on my Galaxy Note 10.1 now. :-)

Great. Thanks. I agree that being able somehow to select a directory for export would be good.

I think this question may be about being able to blend colours together on the canvas with an oil or watercolour style brush, as you can in Corel's Painter app - which indeed would indeed be a great feature.

I've been thinking about this idea whilst exploring some basic animaton exercises, with a view to putting together a few FlipaClip tutorials.

Maybe it would be easier just to have an enable/disable option on each frame. Frames could then be either on or off. Frames that are disabled would still be present, but they'd be greyed out on the timeline display and would be ignored when flipping, playing back, viewing the onion skin and making movies.

This would work for the functions I mentioned above and would also be a way to loop, work on and export small sections of an animation.

Alternatively, you can use the options in the the Make Movie dialogue to export a whole sequence of frames to numbered PNG files.

If you go to the Frames Viewer, you can long-press on a frame to bring up a number of options. If you select the Share option, you can then export the frame either directly to a drawing app, such as Autodesk Sketchbook (where it can be edited and saved), or to some form of storage. The exported image will be a PNG file rather than a JPEG, but if you need JPEGs then it would be easy to find a free app that will convert the image.

This is great. Thanks.

Currently, all the shortcuts are working except for stepping left and right through the frames with the arrow keys and toggling Onion Skin on and off with the O key.