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I agree, I posted the same idea here:


The onion skin needs either to be toggle-able on a per layer basis or to reflect the opacity setting of the layer so that layers that are being used for tracing do not fill the canvas with unwanted onion skin content.

In the project window, click on the three dots icon on a project to bring up the options. Click on 'Backup project' and choose a location to save to. The backed up project can then be imported into FlipaClip on another device.

I agree. A single finger long-press is a great way to bring up tbe colour sampling tool. It would also be much better if, once the colour was sampled, the app returned straight to the canvas, rather than going to the colour editing dialogue.

I like to make a pallette on a separate layer of all the colours or shades I'll be using, but the current colour sampling method requires four or five clicks to grab a colour. With the long press method, it would be a simple single click each time I needed a new colour.

I have a feeling this behaviour may be related to copy and pasting frames between projects. I was working on a 1280 x 720 project and pasted in some frames from a 1920 x 1080 project.  It all worked fine until I tried to merge some layers, at which point some of the elements jumped to different sizes and positions.

That was quick! Tested and working fine. The timeline now remains on the current frame.

Would it be possible for the timeline to move to the new frame and for that to become the active frame (when pasting/inserting before and after)? I think that would be a more useful behaviour - others may disagree though.

Just tried the Bluetooth keyboard for the first time in ages, and can confirm that the onion skin shortcut is now working perfectly.

It has only happened three or four times and I haven't noticed a common cause yet.  It happens when I have line drawings of parts of a character split across four or five layers and I merge all the layers down to one. Suddenly, the head (for instance) will appear resized and moved to a different part of the canvas for a few frames of the animation.  If it happens again I'll send you the file. 

Excellent, thanks. Those steps do indeed recreate the bug.


The way to do this is to open one of your projects, go to the frames viewer, select all the frames and then hit Copy.  You can then close that project, open another project, go to the frames viewer and paste the frames from the first project into the second project.