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It has only happened three or four times and I haven't noticed a common cause yet.  It happens when I have line drawings of parts of a character split across four or five layers and I merge all the layers down to one. Suddenly, the head (for instance) will appear resized and moved to a different part of the canvas for a few frames of the animation.  If it happens again I'll send you the file. 

Excellent, thanks. Those steps do indeed recreate the bug.


The way to do this is to open one of your projects, go to the frames viewer, select all the frames and then hit Copy.  You can then close that project, open another project, go to the frames viewer and paste the frames from the first project into the second project. 

I agree, this would transform FlipaClip to a fully functioning animation tool. It's already a planned feature.


If you use the lasso tool to select your drawing, you'll see a menu pop up on the right of the screen with options to delete, flip horizontally or flip vertically.  You can move the dot in the center of the selection to decide the axis point around which the selected area flips.

I still haven't found the steps to repeat this bug, but it has happened a couple of times in the last few days. A couple of things I have noticed though; there is no 'redo' generated when this happens - the redo button remains greyed out, and it seems to occur when a project is recently opened, and once it has happened, it never occurs again in that particular session.

I'll send a bug report next time it happens - if I remember!

I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a 'Use as Background Image' option to the Frame Viewer Share dialogue. I think this would be a very useful little addition.

Working well on my Galaxy Note 10.1 now. :-)

Great. Thanks. I agree that being able somehow to select a directory for export would be good.

I think this question may be about being able to blend colours together on the canvas with an oil or watercolour style brush, as you can in Corel's Painter app - which indeed would indeed be a great feature.