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"Any feedback so far let us know!"

Didn't understand that. The Beta is already out?

Yes, importing image as background would be nice.
Using a layer as background is problematic, because it does not apply to other frames - just the current one.

Being able to draw backgrounds directly inside FlipaClip would be nice, but being able to import a background image created using another app would do the job as well.

Nice! Good luck with the new version then!
And thanks!
Ah, ok. Do you have a date for releasing this new version?
Thank you!
Looks like there should be a file somewhere specifying how many projects there are and how many frames they have. But I can't find it.
I need this to setup FlipaClip in different devices, but using/updating the same files.
Oh, found it: /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/com.vblast.flipaclip/files/projects/
Anything else I should save to keep my work?
That was me here.
Forgot to tell: using Galaxy Note 2 / Pro here.
And my sdcar0/flipaclip folder is empty, so...