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Its every project. At the time I posted this complaint, (8 months ago) I had over 2 gigs of space and I could still see every file in my phones system. I think the problem arises when I try to move the files onto my SD card, since i havent had any problems with it until I try to move them. This has become such an issue that even though I spent money on flipaclip pro, I am no longer using it and it has since been uninstalled because my projects kept disappearing.

I have more screenshots and everything on my profile, im having the same issue


they just wont listen! Ive found so man people with this problem!!

S A M E. 

Ive posted something a bit more descriptive on my page,, screenshots and everything

They dont want to listen to our complaints, seen many people, including me, with this problem

posted somthing ages ago on my page!! Still havent gotten a reply ;o;

nope! they never responded back