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it would be nice to be able to adjust the minimum line thickness for pen pressure perfectly managed (1024 pressure levels on Cintiq Hybrid) or may be an option box for the management of the opacity and thickness via pressure (opacity by pressure ... size by pressure) can see what kind of options in artflow (sorry to mention it) I do not know if that's understandable ... I hope ... thank you ; )
i'm the ''anonymous'' who post this message and screenshots....i forgot something about the selection tool...maybe it could be good to select a part or all the drawing and have possibility to copy/paste with the selection tool...:) that's all for me thanks flipaclip !
the same on cintiq Hybrid...
Hi !! thanks for updates ! its better !
I ve made a screenshot more explicative for the options i ll speak about ...
check it if you can ;)
thank you
When i say width , i think about some pressure options fot different tools, especially min and max width for the brushes ...
for a realistic and pleausure like real pen and pencil in hand
hello ! 
For the layers i want say when i make a rough anim, and i want to clean , i would like to decrease the transparency of the rough layer to clean on an upper layer...sorry for my english ;) hope you enderstand...
and what about witdh options?
thank you