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This feature is now out guys!

Unfortunately, unless you have the Premium, you cannot remove the watermark. Removing watermark is one of the premium features FlipaClip has. If you have purchased Premium then look at the reply with all the pictures someone has previously posted! ^^

@Game Chole , if you purchase the Premium on a certain Apple ID, or PlayStore account. If you ever decide to delete it then re-install the app. You should be able to restore all the things from when you previously had it, unless you have re-installed the app from a different Apple ID or PlayStore account. So yes, it will last forever unless you get a new Apple ID/PlayStore account. Or you loose the Apple ID/PlayStore account you had. If you need to know anything else let me know! :)

I just got an invite! I’ll check it out and tell you guys what I think

Neither, still waiting :/

Is your new phone a different brand to your original? If so that might be the problem.

@PuppetCreepy Hi! I have purchased the Flipaclip unclocker and everything is safe! I checked recent purchases on my credit account. They had taken the amount I had paid for and no more. Flipaclip is a well known and trust worthy company. I have several friends who have also purchased the unlocker and have had no problems. I hope this is enough proof. The Flipaclip team is super busy at the moment so I don’t know if they will reply to you. But I really hope this is enough proof! Also best of luck with animating! Never stop and you’ll be great at it in absolutely no time! EDIT: Also, I recommend downloading the free Flipaclip, then buying all the features in app. Again best of luck

I agree. I’ve always thought of that being a feature but never listed it here. I have absolutely no clue why. But yes! I really hope this becomes an option. It’d be far easier than doing greenscreen haha. Thanks for listing thisss

Hi, I listed my AppleID on the link you gave us. I’ve been waiting a while now,, I’m not rushing you to give me an email! I’m just curious as to when I’ll be getting it. A rough estimate would be great. Best of luck to you guys!