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I just wondered if this works across devices . I found the picture files, and copied to a replacement device, but the layer names and image numbers then don't match, so are not recognised on the new device . Any way around this?

many thanks

You can change to stylus only in the settings on main page. thus no need for palm rejection

This would be a huge improvement.
If keyframes were implemented, how about having 1 columncolumn (or row) per layer in the frames viewer?
So rather than the current 4 or 5 frames per line, there would be a scroll bar with time indicators.
I think the PC program pencil 2d had this,but unfortunately was too buggy to use.
Yes that could work, as Long as the outline is not erased too !
If you have 2 or 3 layers enabled, you can disable the backround layers and just concentrate on the animation layer, this speeds things up a bit.

Exporting to movie, it'll Play at the correct Speed.