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Thank you for letting us know.

Still, it would be highly appreciated if you could let us know by when do expect this to happen. Soon (within the next couple of months) or later (after a year or so)


According to the latest ipadOs,Pencil kit api, offers significant Apple Pencil speed improvement.

In fact according to this article:

The new APIs require just three lines of code for developers to get the same low latency, UI, and tool palette that Apple uses for Pencil. That includes the drop from 20 milliseconds to 9 milliseconds latency that Apple announced during its unveiling of iPadOS.

You may view from apple’s Site link below how to do that:

Is there ANY. Nance to make flipaclip lighting fast after all?



Still with latest version 1.3.9(99), strokes remain slow and unproductive.

Can you PLEASE let us know if, what and when should we expect a fix to this fundamental bug ?


Same here. In latest build there seems to be an improvement BUT NOT exactly perfect yet.

The lag still occurs randomly here and there and of course when the palm is set on screen -which is the most convenient way to draw.

PLEASE let us know if and when this is FULLY fixed


Just tried also with latest 1.3.5 (92)"

Unfortunately still lag is present once Palm is on screen.

Waiting for next build to retest.

Keep us posted

Dear Jona,

I just tried even on latest beta 3.5 (91) on an iPad Pro 12.9 1st gen.

unfortunately the stroke lag issue still exists!

    Confirmed once more that the lag takes place only when Palm is on screen as mentioned above.

    PLEASE let us know if and when should we expect a fix for this

    Dear Jona!

    THANK GOD you are still there and this thread catches your attention once more!

    Indeed I noticed that when the Palm is not on screen, the strokes work with no delay as expected.

    On the other hand, when the Palm is on, as you may see in the video, the strokes may get delayed quite a bit, which makes the whole experience frustrating!

    It has to be noted that on the same iPad 12.9n1st gen, other apps (like procreate and even rough animator) do NOT have such an issue even if the Palm is on screen.

    As drawing with palm on screen is almost essential to draw with ease and convenience, PLEASE DO FIX this nasty bug.

    I just checked the latest beta available (1.3.3 -88) in testflight and the issue still exists!

    PLEASE keep us posted as to when should we expect a fix to retest


    So many app updates, still the fundamental issue with strokes being lagged using Apple Pencil as shown in

    Is NOT fixed

    Should we expect ANY update on this soon?

    Your response is highly appreciated of what to expect

    @Jona/ @FlipAclip developers,

    PLEASE enlighten us, as to what and when should we expect an update in regard to the aforementioned most missing features


    Please let us know about this issue.

    FlipaClip is nice but still such initial lag makes it look unprofessional and unusefull. All other apps like procreate and clipstudio do NOT have such drawing lag.

    And that on a full blown iPad Pro 12.9 1st gen!

    Even less capable iOS apps (like animatica/ rough animator manage to be better than FlipaClip in this respect with no apparent lag.

    The strokes NEED to be real-time and perfectly accurate to be of any meaning.

    Having lines -due to lag- where Apple Pencil draws a curves is unacceptable!

    WHY FLIPACLIP has to LAG ?

    Should we expect a decent fix for this buggy behaviour?

    If that is already in the works I would be GLAD to beta test and help this move forward

    PLEASE keep us posted

    An answer from you as to what to expect and when is highly appreciated!