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@jona thank you for reopening the beta for a few more people! I managed to get my hands on it, and have been using it all yesterday and today! Will definitely be writing a good review about it :) 

I know you didn't have to reopen it as you reached the limit, so I appreciate that you let other people have the chance to use the beta even though you didn't need more testers!

Also I don't know whether it was just a coincidence that I refreshed the beta page and got it.. straight after mentioning on here about it.. or if I was invited or so.. But either way thank you again :)

If So, will it be using the same link

@jona have you increased the available spots already? Or will they be coming later today or So?

I wasn't able to become a tester either due to time difference, but the video said the update will be out soon.. So hopefully this month we will all have the audio feature.

The feature is looking very good and easy to use, I am looking forward to using it! @Jona :) you have all done an incredible job, especially with such a small team! 

WOOO! Looking good, definitely worth the wait :)

Yes, layer opacity is a feature. If you go into the layer panel; you can hold your finger over where it says '100%' and slide up and down to change the opacity.

I agree I don't see the point in continuing this discussion, we both have our own opinions clearly. Obviously it's completely down to you but I just please ask that you just wait until after Christmas before writing to them again, they might surprise you. Thanks.

I don't see what there is to be wrong about? I'm just saying that every time you complain to @Jona, it's not helping.. it won't speed up the process in anyway! 

I'm excited for the update, I have been waiting just like everyone else has.. but just give them a chance to finish the feature. You wrote to say "@Jona, promised to be available by Christmas" ..well it's not christmas yet, so I don't see why you didn't at least wait until after before you decided to have a moan again?

Also they haven't been working on this one feature the whole time, they have had tonnes of updates inbetween which they had prioritised before the release of the audio. And I don't see what you have to be worried about? They are a small team, they are working on the feature and they are just running behind.. I don't see why you have to be so overdramatic, it's an app.. it cost 2.99 for the premium features, if you are looking for industry standard animation software then you're looking in the wrong place.. And the wrong price range.

You keep going on at the creators isn't going to make the update come out quicker, as they have said they are still working on the feature and have had some issues so they were delayed. They never guaranteed an actual date they said "if no setbacks we should have a beta released on iOS and Android by early September".. guess what, they had setbacks. 

Writing code takes time and is hard work, I'm sure they all are extremely stressed especially with people such as yourself pressuring them to release a half finished update. Imagine how much backlash they would get and how "really disappointed" You would be if the feature didn't work well when it finally does come out, they need the time to make sure the app is working properly and the edges are trimmed.. When they are happy with the audio feature then they will release it.

@Jona you and all the team have done a brilliant job so far with the Flipaclip app, I'm excited for what's to come and am happily waiting patiently for the next update to the app as I know that you're trying your best with such a small team. Unlike some of the louder more persistent people on here, the silent majority arent dissapointed or want you to feel rushed in anyway. Please know that just because certain features haven't been released yet, you are not going to lose extreme amounts of customers, we are happy to wait so the features can be refined. Lastly I apologise for all the people giving you hassle, hopefully this doesn't represent to you who your apps fan base is made up of.. most of us are nice, please don't be discouraged.