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Awesome! It's spectacular. Congrats on the launch and will spread the word! :)

Got my iOS beta invite and have taken it for a little spin already. This is pretty freakin cool! And worth the wait :)

You know, this interface for audio looks so easy and intuitive. It'd be cool if you could use Flipaclip just for audio tracks, and be able to export out just the finished audio mix. I know on iOS you can use Lumafusion for multitrack audio stuff with video, but this Flipaclip demo looks easier.

I'm thinking it'd be great if I could just bring in a lowres 480p version of a 4k video source, use Flipaclip to easily add sound clips, export just the audio mix, then add the mix back into my 4k video edit in Lumafusion. Or, export audio straight out of Flipaclip via "open in" and move it directly into Lumafusion. 

Do you use TestFlight for iOS beta testing? If so, how do I get in on that. Already on TestFlight :)

Hey, just saw the update and tried it out. All Good! Thank you :)

Updated my 1-Star to 5-Star and edited my review with the following:

Update: this developer ended up fixing the issue with the premium upgrade & a few other miner bugs.

Having spent more time with this app and having now tested longer videos... The drawing tools and intuitive flip style animation tools, ie. Onion skinning, editing cells, copy/pasting graphics between cells, etc. this is the best app of its kind currently in the App Store.

They give you all functionality for a reasonable In-App purchase, or you can get just the premium features you want a la carte. They were slow getting back to my support inquiry, but they delivered with flying colors. With audio import coming, this app is highly recommended!!! 

No, I only purchased it about 5 days ago I think. But I downloaded the app about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

I played with the app for about a week to test it out. I also tested out the 6 secs allowed of video and it seemed to work well and consistently. After I decided that Flipaclip offered the best range of features without being a subscription, I started messaging you to see if the upcoming audio import feature would be included if I bought the full Premium IAP. After I hadn't heard back, I took a chance and bought the Premium anyway and hoped the audio import would be included once it was released. 

After buying the Premium, I first went to try out a longer video to see if it still worked well over 6 seconds. That's when I noticed it hadn't been included for some reason. I then messaged you to see if this was that way it was supposed to be, or a glitch. 

I’ve tried several times restarting, reinstalling, restore purchases, etc. no matter what I’ve done, the only premium feature that still shows it must be purchased is the video limit. If this is not intentional, there’s a problem with the premium upgrade of your app.

FYI: Although I already got a refund on the "Premium" purchase for this app, I do think it's the most promising of all the iOS animation apps I tried. I got the refund partly because multiple attempts to contact this developer to ask a couple simple questions were never replied to. Doesn't bode well if I really started using this app and needed anything resembling support. 

Secondly, if you have an IAP that says it covers ALL of the "Premium" features, then it should actually include all of the premium features, not leave one out like the video length limit. I don't know if that was intentional, or simply an overlooked IAP glitch that was going to be fixed. As it stands, it didn't instill any confidence. 

Good luck with this. I'll keep my eye on it because as mentioned before, I do think it has the most potential of all the iOS apps I tried out. I was a bit disappointed that the audio import feature didn't come with the last update. From reading this forum, it appears it's been "coming soon" for months now.