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It happens to me to. When you just finish drawing something, touch your screen right away with 2 fingers, it will erase what you just draw. Not sure if it is what you guys are dealing with.

it happens also when you duplicate a frame by tapping right of it. then you erase something and you can see the drawing of 2 frames before, not the previous frame.

Samsung note pro 12.2

Actually, that won't be a bad idea because the app is full of bugs and it is a lot less fluid than it used to be. There are a lot of good ideas but it doesn't run half as good as a the previous version (before the apple version).

I think you guys need more time to bring it up to the same great standards.

Probably because in Flipaclip you don't draw with curves. However the drawing is more natural and nicer than with curve.

on the old version, you could clear a frame with the button clear all. Now it is gone (which is too bad). You have to erase everything manually or swipe the drawing out of the frame.

Good idea !

Is it about the feature that straight the line and modify the curve ?

Personally I hate those, it completely changes your line.

Also, i just noticed that now the pen is skipping and the pen setting resets every time you leave a project and you come back. I have the system 4.4.

So overall great improvements but the ease of use is seriousely affected by those problems. Hopefully it is something you guys can work out.

Awesome ! When is the desktop version coming out ? ;-)