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So that you can change the background in the video? That's a great idea!!!
yes this feature would be really nice plz work on the things here, as fast as you can jonathan ;-)
thanks, very much! i'll share them ;-)
  1. the to big transformer
  2. the transformer behind the object,
  3. -4.  the lasso gets so big, that it makes impossible to cut something precisely out. And cutter line behind the obj.

Thank you! I'm the xperia z1 guy again with android 44.
Sorry I have to go to school now but I'll send Screenshots after school, I promise! :-) 
Isn't making a pc program something totally bifferent then making an app? I mean is it possible for you to write a pc program without learning something totally new???💻📱
Great but why flipaclip doesn't have a webpage? Don't say that it is expensive, there are many free services!
I like mostly this picker: (I don't mean the basic ones) At the top the full color at the bottom grey and a second mixer where you can make white and black)

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