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Hey thanks for your feedback! Some questions for you that could help us understand a bit more the issue and to attempt to fix it.

1. Are you able to reproduce this issue every time?
2. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce the issue?
3. Could you take a screenshot of what you see when the image is distorted and post it here?

Great feedback! :) That is what we hope to hear from users, honest feedback and we can try to improve as time permits us.

We do have plans to improve the color options. At the moment it is a bit hard to pick a good color and also pick gray colors! :/

Could you explain a bit more this part? "would be nice if I could save colours and pen tallnesses"
Hey thanks for the feedback! I understand some of your requests. However, could you explain a bit more about the transparency of different layers? Thanks!
Thanks for the great idea. I'll set it as planned since it is something we are already thinking to improve.
Thanks for the awesome feedback! :)

We would love to have FlipaClip not just on Android but also on other devices like iOS, OSx and Windows! :) We are a small team but we do have our minds set to expand into other platforms in the near future.