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Most cases you do have to learn a lot of new things to get it into a new platform. What we are trying to do is put all our code into a library and use that library across platforms. This allows technically a slightly faster development effort. However, we don't have the library created yet... :/
Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we currently have in mind adding 1920x1080 canvas size along with other popular sizes such as for Instagram and Vine to name a couple.

One interesting thing about adding support for larger canvas such as 2K is that the device will need a really large amount of available RAM and storage. Also this might slow down the live previewing. But regardless we are thinking on adding those features and only enabling them on the devices that can provide the best user experience.
Ah makes sense. That's kinda what I was thinking you meant. It's a great idea and we will most likely add that option. About the width options, I assume you mean canvas size options right? We are looking to provide some standard sizes soon specially for instagram, vine and the likes...
No webpage because unfortunately we haven't had enough time to work on it. We been working on the app mostly. Soon we will have a webpage setup. :)
Thanks for sharing your idea. It is something we had been thinking about it too. :) Hopefully in the near future we add support for this.
Thanks for sharing. I'll look into this to see if we can improve a bit the color picker.
Nice request. I'll add this to our planned ideas so that we can see how we can add something like this.
Cool! Well if you do stop it again for some reason please let us know :)