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Thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide the device you are using and what version of Android it is running?

Please note that we have had some devices with issues posting directly to YouTube via our app. As an alternative option you can hit the +MORE button on the share screen and pick from the list of apps YouTube. This should hopefully work. Also, another note you can not share on YouTube a GIF only video.
Yeah, Samsungs idea to highjack most of the functionality from the SPen kinda stinks.

I'll take a look at the pen and hopefully get this feature implemented quickly.
Thanks for your feedback! We do have planned to add support for those things. :) This will be our big release v2. We don't have a release date yet but we are already actively working on it.
Hey, so the stylus pen button feature unfortunately doesn't work with Samsung devices. Samsung is blocking the button usage for their lasso feature.

We didn't know Samsung had a pen with eraser! :) Could you let us know what model you are using? We will add support for that eraser as soon as possible! :)
Thanks for the bug report. This was a bug we introduced unfortunately on release v1.3.0. However, we have fixed the issue on v1.3.2. The bad news is that anything that was erased while using v1.3.0 or v1.3.1 will contain that bug. To make sure this is the eraser bug, that we have fixed, try changing the background of the project. After you do you should notice parts of the previous background showing on some of the erased areas. Sorry for the inconvenience. Simply erasing again will fix this.
Cool, please thumb up this idea if you like it. It helps us track how many are requesting or liking a particular feature request. Thanks! :D
Very cool! :) Thanks for sharing. Well look into this.
Thanks for your feedback! :)

This is a very interesting request. I haven't seen such options before. Do you have any app or software that did this previously?
Perfect examples! Thanks so much for those screenshots! Really helpful. Yes, that is an issue and we are currently aware of the zoom affecting the lasso, and transform tools. However, we haven't really thought about the layers being an issue.

We will be working on a fix hopefully to release soon. By the way those cartoons look like fun! :) If you can share them with us on our Facebook page! :)
What device do you have? The zooming issue with some tools such as the ruler zooming in is something we are working to fix. It's a little complex but we are working on it.

Zooming in even further is interesting idea and well look into that to see if it makes sense doing so. 

About the issue you are seeing if you can provide a screenshot it would be perfect! :)