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Oh yeah I understand. So you want to be able to make the frame smaller. The added benefit of that is that you could move the frame to the side and start drawing from the outside in. This is something we are working on for hopefully the next update. :)
Hey thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure I understand the problem. Are you saying that you can't zoom out? You are referring to zooming on the canvas?
Cool thanks for the details! :)
As of version 1.3.3 the following options are available for copy/paste a layer or entire frame.

  1. Triggering a copy while on the stage will only copy the active frame layer.
  2. In order to copy the entire frame with all layers the following two methods are available.
    • Clone last frame "To enable this long press the [ + ] add frame button and select the Clone last frame option"
    • Copy/paste a frame via the frame viewer. The frame viewer option is located on the left tool bar above the onion button.
Awesome thanks for confirming! :)
Thanks for your feedback. We do need to create some tutorial videos and we will soon hopefully. Here is video from Zeruel82Mk2. Great tutorial on how to use some of the more advanced options.

Hope it helps for now.
Thanks for your suggestion. It's great idea and we will look into implementing those features.
We are working on it. We wanted to release before the end of this year but that might be to soon. The main issue is that at the moment the graphics designer is not able to work full-time. This is getting us delayed a bit further.. :(
Great idea. This is definitely something we would like to add... Thanks for sharing!

Please post as many posts as you like with ideas. Just make sure they are different new posts so that we can easily track them. We will answer them as we have time. We are always interested to hear ideas. Some will make it while others won't. But it is always nice to read ideas. :)