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Please try updating to the latest iOS version. This is a known bug with iOS 10.

I'll be looking further into this issue. Anyone can please respond to confirm one thing.

What device model and Android version do you have?

This will help me know if you are running an official version of Google Play AppStore. There are some devices that aren't officially licensed and that could cause issues. Thanks!

    Hello! Unfortunately we can't transfer purchases across different App Stores. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Nice idea! ;) 

    Seems like Apple allows purchasing in-app features as a gift. Check the following guide from Apple.

    Hi Guys! I apologize for not catching this post earlier. Let's run by some important points to keep in mind.

    1. If you purchased something in FlipaClip is yours forever! 
    2. Google Play will automatically restore purchases no need for a restore button like the one in iOS.
    3. Make sure to install FlipaClip from the Google Play account that made the original purchase otherwise the purchases won't be available. Check out this post about Troubleshooting In-App purchases in Android.
    4. Reinstalling the app will cause all your projects to be LOST! There is no cloud backup option at the moment. You must backup your projects manually. So be very careful about that. Check out this post about How to backup your projects.
    5. Try clearing the Google Play app cache and restarting your device.
    6. Make sure to have the latest Google Play version installed.

    The points above hopefully helps someone. In-app purchase issues in general have to do with internet connection issues or the Google Play app itself.

    Thanks for reporting this. It would be great to know what device you have and what android version is running.

    This might be a low memory issue. Not a storage issue.

    You can transfer your projects by backing them up. Here is a post about how to backup projects. You will need to backup each individual project.

    Please note that Google Drive backup is currently not working so be sure to use other methods.

    Hope this helps!

    Premium features are one time payment! Not a subscription. :)

    FlipaClip for iOS and Android now support canvas rotation!