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You will be fine. There will be no loss of resolution! You are good to upgrade!

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! Drink sounds good! Any place in Miami would work! :D

Update v1.3.7 was just approved and it's live! I'm thinking that it could be available now or in an hour or so... All depends on Apples's servers. :)

Hello guys! Been working on improving the overall code to improve in-app purchases and report better any errors encountered along the way. 

Tonight a new BETA version will be available on GooglePlay. If there is space and you like to join to test please follow this link.

We have fixed the issue! I apologize for the inconvenience guys! The update v 1.3.7 fixes the reported issues and is already available to everyone.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Working on a fix!! I have spotted the bug.

Hello! Thanks for writting. Could you explain a bit more? I don't think I'm understanding. Screen recording could help.

Please try updating to the latest iOS version. This is a known bug with iOS 10.

I'll be looking further into this issue. Anyone can please respond to confirm one thing.

What device model and Android version do you have?

This will help me know if you are running an official version of Google Play AppStore. There are some devices that aren't officially licensed and that could cause issues. Thanks!