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Hi guys, thanks for reporting this issue. I'm almost certain that this is being caused by an ad being shown incorrectly. Pleaes don't reinstall the app as you would loose all your work.

Could you guys experiment waiting for a few seconds or minutes to see if the black screen is gone? Another thing to experiment would be to tap the left or right corners as I'm thinking maybe there is a close button? These things could further help us figure out the cause.

After translating the error I notice it's not exactly the issue we have already resolved. I see this is a connection issue. Does your device have access to the internet? Did this issue always happen?


После перевода ошибки я замечаю, что это не совсем та проблема, которую мы уже решили. Я вижу, что это проблема подключения. Есть ли у вашего устройства доступ к интернету? Всегда ли эта проблема случалась?

Thanks for reporting the issue. Could you zip the video file and upload it to this forum? Or can you email us the video you are trying to import? This would help us test. Thanks!

Our email:

This is a bug and we have resolved it. It will be part of the next release which will likely happen next week. Thanks for reporting this!

FlipaClip now offers audio import feature!

Hello! We discovered a bug introduced on the last FlipaClip update. This caused the Unlocker to fail to unlock the premium features. We have a fix and will be part of the next update towards the end of this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

BUG has been found where those who have installed the "FlipaClip - Unlocker" app way long ago was not working properly with the latest version of FlipaClip. A new update towards the end of the week will resolve this particular bug. 

Thanks for writing. Yes, unfortunately uninstalling the app will remove all your projects. In the near future we will be looking to change how that works so you never loose your projects.

About the premium features let me send you a direct email to find out more about this. Thanks!

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. At this moment, FlipaClip is $5.99 and includes all features. Nice work becoming best uncle ever!!!

Sorry we weren't able to help. Here's some questions for you.

  1. You downloaded FlipaClip and purchased the Premium features and everything worked fine. Have you uninstalled and reinstalled FlipaClip since you purchased the Premium features? This is a very important question that can help us pinpoint the problem.
  2. Did you remove any Google accounts from your device as of lately? If you have this could be causing the problems.
  3. Please search for the purchase receipt on the Google email account you believe was used to purchase the premium features. If you don't find it, it is likely not the account used for the purchase and you would need to search another Google account. It will help us to know if you found the purchase receipt on the account you thought or not.