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Wow did we underestimate the time it takes to build this audio feature! The more we work on it the more details we realized needed to be taken care of. Thanks for the awesome patience and support! It's coming! Here is the teaser video.

Once you purchase the watermark removal you will need to switch it OFF. Please see the following post on how to do that.

Hey, thanks for writing. So you might have to open the app, close it and reopen it. If that doesn't work, you likely have to wait some hours since our servers will take a while to resend the same user contest info.

Don't worry we don't plan to go to the old version. We will continuously be working to make the app even better!

On the make movie page you need to manually disable the watermark. After disabling it the app will remember your setting.

Please see the following post about how to re-download or update the Unlocker app if already purchased.

Very cool! Thanks for the suggestions of FireMonkey! :)

Please see the updated answer. Thanks!

To delete a layer simply swipe to the left the layer. This will reveal the option to lock or remove a layer.