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Hi SARAH BESSE, could you be more specific? 

Hi Llama, it will be coming in future updates.

Hello TheMagicalDoom! Could you be more specific about the issue so we can better help you?

Hey scott NP Ent.! All of these things are being worked on for future updates :) 

Hello Quincy e w! Well what do you mean by line tool? Because, we do have a ruler tool at the top right of the app to make perfect shapes and lines. Hope this helps! 

Hi Paul, do you have enough storage space on your phone? Sometimes if you have run out of space the app wont let you open another project.

Hi sohippoy! Hmmm, sometimes the onion settings can be finicky, we are working on all these things in the next update. This may or may not provide a little insight?  

Hello TheUmbreonLover! Well lucky for you we are currently working on adding audio for future updates. I can't give you an official release date yet, but I can say it is in the works :)