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In smoothing, those edge pixels might have alpha transparency levels. Its like paintbucket sees there is something in a pixel already so it doesnt mess with it. Even if the pixel only has a color with low 10% alpha. If the paint tool could analize those partially transparent pixels and fill the transparent portion with its own color to make the pixel alpha 100% that would maybe fix it. Rather than completely ignoring. But unless the lines you paint between are black, you might then get odd color real life color mixing/color bleed i guess.

Double tapping does nothing extra for me in FlipaClip. It does in Photoshop. The issue is because everything we use to draw in FlipaClip has smoothing on the outer edges so you get pixels that blend with the background color. If we had the option to draw with a line pencil or something similar that had absolute hard edges with no smoothing (meaning every pixel it draws is 100% that color) then you would get no white pixels. But it would also look very rough and pixely. Its not really a FlipaClip problem. It is just how it is when working with rasterized images as opposed to vector. Most artists just take the time and care to paint their art so it looks good. You might consider drawing the color on a cleanup layer behind the problematic layer to cover the white pixels up so they dont show white.

I have not noticed it since the redesign to be honest.

I thought this was fixed. Its been a while since ive attempted uploading to tumblr but after trying to share a small animation it failed. I used the tumblr (16x9) [gif] preset. It worked perfectly fine sharing to twitter and also sharing an mp4 to facebook.

Ah yes I see now. I just looked it up. Yes its exactly what Lazy Nezumi Pro is (except LNP is more advanced). I didn't know SAI had this too. I agree, it could be a very nice feature especially for shaky hand folk like me.

Please give a little more detail. It's very unclear what you are requesting. Are you thinking something similar to Lazy Nezumi Pro?

also...please bump this. Every time I animate I imagine being able to nudge.

Does any animation app have this? I've never heard of it. Unless you're talking about the AfterEffects tool used to stabilize shaky film footage.

there are 2 methods I use:
1. click the copy button, then go to the next page, click the paste button
2. first select a specific part of your drawing, then do the same as 1.

FlipaCloud? lol. Yeah backups/restores would be nice. As far as I know (limited) at least with Android devices you can plug them into the computer like you would to get photos and backups off or onto your phone. You can do the same with all the FlipaClip files as well. I backed up all my old ones...actually I made gif files of each and only kept those before doing a factory reset. A tool to make this process easier would be nice. Like a scene collection or some way to keep the save files easier to find. Maybe even a way to sync/backup the files to your Google Drive or Dropbox account, as well as recover them later onto a new device like you said.