Post YOUR finished Animation

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It would be cool to have a showcase of things that were animated with Flipaclip:

Reply with your Final Videos :)

Here's my first work done. A few weeks ago I was sent to Pictoplasma Animation Conference NYC by Booooooom's amazing creative community  & LOJEL. 

After the event, I animated the speaker's words of wisdom (if you are interested why the animations look like they look, you can read about it at https://www.booooooom.com/2018/11/30/out-about-with-lojel-pictoplasma-nyc-by-nino-werner/

If you have any questions about the progress feel free to ask :)


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Hey, check this forum post: https://support.flipaclip.us/communities/42/topics/3097-post-your-finished-animation

Feel free to upload your animations there, we would like to see them :)

its so GREAT animation !!!! l like it ...cheers

i liked this idea so much..and i think if this happened already , flipaclip will be more famous more x 10000000..... sinces it will be like a social media where animator community will increases and interact with each other works,, comments on it or rate/react.. and when flipaclip have their contests..they can announce it there,, and they can post there work simply there..

i think it will be so hard if it will become social media,, so maybe just a gallery is so acceptable for me too..i liked it


Awesome animations. 

Well done and keep up the great work. 


Thanks Paul! :)

Not sure about making a whole social media site for that but some form of curated gallery of animation done with flipaclip would certainly help newcomers see the potential of the app :)

Also I forgot these:
Animation done in FlipaClip, composing in Final Cut 

yeah it will be great if we could post our work to flipaclip..showcase it ,react and comment and share..just like social media sites like Facebook,twitter,instagram, & Youtube.etc

woah! I wanna post but im kinda scared..

Hey @AdzukiSargentoo,

We are waiting for your animations :)

Yes! Show some of your work :) @AdzukiSargentoo 

Thanks Dusan! :)

This is really amazing :)

Good job NNW :)

More animations I did with FlipaClip. Backgrounds done in ProCreate & "Composition" in FinalCut :)

Let's make a gallery with animations done in FlipaClip ;)

The Animation: