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Post YOUR finished Animation

NNW 8 months ago • updated by AdzukiSargentoo 1 month ago 14

It would be cool to have a showcase of things that were animated with Flipaclip:

Reply with your Final Videos :)

Here's my first work done. A few weeks ago I was sent to Pictoplasma Animation Conference NYC by Booooooom's amazing creative community  & LOJEL. 

After the event, I animated the speaker's words of wisdom (if you are interested why the animations look like they look, you can read about it at https://www.booooooom.com/2018/11/30/out-about-with-lojel-pictoplasma-nyc-by-nino-werner/

If you have any questions about the progress feel free to ask :)



I lost my premium

Nightmare_glitchqwq 5 days ago • updated 4 days ago 1

I paid for my premium features like all of them and now they are gone