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I can't restore access to my flipaclip account

mariazhdanova.mz 6 months ago 0


I can't Use Premium Features!

KABOOM! Animation 2 months ago 0

- A few days ago I bought FlipaClip's 'Mix of all premium features' package for 12 Turkish Liras and the package that I bought was a one-time purchase. But a few days after I bought, ads started to appear again and I couldn't use any of premium features in my application. For example, it could be 3 layers, not 10 layers. Please restart the premium feature of my app. I am a user who likes to use your application.


Unable to purchase premium features

Mewf16kin 4 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 1

I just bought the premium package today on my card and it said the payment went through but in my app it wasn’t working. So I tried to restore the payment because it took my money but that didn’t work either. Is there anyway to refund or fix this? I’m on IPhone 6s.


Unable to purchase Premium Features for Flipaclip app downloaded via Apple School Manager

Sahil B 1 month ago updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 weeks ago 3

I have downloaded this app on School iPads (Gen 5 - ios 13.3.1). The app was deployed using Mosyle and I have contacte Mosyle support for the same.

Whenever I try to purchase premium features for the app, it comes up with the error "In-app purchase is not supported".

As per Mosyle, if an app is deployed via the VPP (ASM in this case), the in-app purchases are disabled. 

Please share what are my possible options to get this working. Thanks :)


Hi Sahil, thank you for reaching out. The reason you can't purchase In-app content is because ASM doesn't support in-app purchases.

We are currently working on a beta version of FlipaClip for schools that makes all the features of FlipaClip available. If you are interested please send us an email to info@visualblasters.com.



La aplicación se cierra sola!

zuri huanaco palacios 1 month ago 0

La aplicación se cierra sola cuando estoy dibujando o reproduciendo mi trabajo.

lo peor es que se pierde lo que hago cuando se cierra.

y no solo eso, también se cierra por al sola a mitad del proceso de formación de vídeo.. 


Help me

金子 謹也 1 month ago 0

I paid,but the “FlipaClip” mark does not disappear.in trouble.



Not 3 months ago 0

I recently changed my mobile device to an iPad I had already paid for the

Premium categories in my old phone but when I put my accounts to my new iPad it says that I have to pay again for the premium and I already paid once and I really don't want to pay again just because i put my old account into a new ipad can i get some help please?