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Watermark brings down value plz fix

AIZToons 3 years ago in iOS updated by Tib 1 year ago 6 1 duplicate

Plz either fix or get back to me ASAP. it's not really a bug but it bugs me. I'm almost positive if you got rid of the watermark you'd have way more installers. There are plenty of apps that allow you to make similar animations without a watermark. I bet lots of people agree. You offer a few better things but it's  not worth the watermark. You'd have way happier and more customers if you made it free. Some things you have that cost money are reasonable but this isn't considering almost all other apps allow it for free.


This isn't a bug but it bugs me. I just wanted you to be aware that people can install a number of different apps that offer nearly the same thing but free watermark on/off option. You do offer a few better things than those but it's not worth the watermark.

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This is relatable! I was beginning to type watermark is the only down side and I saw yours. I agree and I hope this is fixed

Not a bug

We completely respect your inputs regarding the watermark. By design, you can only remove this once you purchase the Remove FlipaClip watermark feature. 

So all in all I believe customers would be more satisfied if it were optional.

Ok... it's someone reasonable... but  can u at least make it cheaper? $2.99 is a lot for just one featur

I purchase remove watermark, but it was still there, then later my daughter wanted audio input unlocked, so we thought why not unlock everything. So even unlocking everything watermarks is still present :( please fix!!!!!

Actually I would like a refund on removing watermark since it's already included in Unlock Everything and besides it doesn't work anyway!!!!!

I'm looking forward to your reply