Paint bucket?

Silver 3 years ago in iOS updated by anonymous 3 years ago 3

whenever I try using the paint bucket, it makes everything pink. Everything. I don't see any way to fix that, or limit it to a selected area. I use and iPad Pro with and Apple pen.

Try tapping the paint bucket tool twice. The default color for the paint bucket tool is pink. Once you tap a tool, like a brush or, in this case, paint bucket tool, you can change the color. Hope this was helpful. ^^

How do I apply it to a selected area?

If you're talking about coloring something in:

If you drew something, like a dog, for example, use the same layer and just tap in the center of the section of the dog you want to color in. The lines of the dog must be connected, though. If not, the whole canvas (except for the outline of the dog) will be colored.

If you're talking about changing the color of something already fully colored:

Just tap on the section you want colored.

You can't select an area, then use the paint bucket tool to color in the selected area, sadly. Also, I recommend using a different layer for coloring, and use the brushes. If you use the paint bucket tool in the same layer as the line art, it will leave some white (or a different color if the backround isn't white) dots between the line art and the drawing, and it'll be hard to color the dots in without ruining the line art.