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Using keyframes would be easier to use instead of frame by frame?

Eres BC 3 years ago • updated by Keith Connell 4 months ago 12 1 duplicate
Keyframes would be easier to use instead of frame by frame.(?)

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i guess that destroys the sense of the app.
traditional and cutout animation are two completely different techniques.
jona would have to larn something totally new, to create such an app.

keyframe animation is to complex and complicated for an app.
if you like cutout, buy a PC and download toonboom or anime studio. or even flash, if you have more money than patience! (**°giggle***)
Under review
We do realize that on some cases creating a frame by frame animation can be tedious for certain common tasks. We are exploring and researching ways to provide the similar benefits of keyframes without loosing the main concept that is FlipaClip. It is something you can bet we are thinking about.

I hope in comes out soon /crying face /


the app should have a setting so some people can choose to do frame by frame or keyframes


Might I suggest, possibly, animate-able layers? (keyable visibility (on/off/fade in/out) position, rotation & scale). Maybe a layer has to be enabled. Once enabled it still functions like a normal layer but is given a little transform tool (like when you select something) only keep it a smaller size so you can still see it. really it would be more of a layer offset tool, but same effect. Maybe another option to toggle frame by frame & single frame. If frame by frame still worked it would allow for some interesting usage.


I like this idea because I like mix frame by frame animation with cut out animation in some specific cases, but the cut out animation apps for mobiles almost always look like a toy and not professional. However, Flipaclip looks professional and serious. Perhaps if that destroys the essence of the app, it could be good do an extra app, I don't know, but I like the idea.


It would be very usefull to be able to assign at least a range of frames to a frame to help blockout and avoid lots of copy / pastes ... Working on timing is quite painfull , doesn 't sound technically violent from outside :)

the best thing about this app is the simplicity ! I wouldn’t try key frames.


I like this idea,tweening would save me alot of time when animating a moving background or objec.Definitely a good idea!


While the idea is not bad at all, it kinda defeats the purpose of the app especially being mobile/user friendly. Frame by frame is so easy with this app its lovely. As an animator who is well versed in many other apps that do what you're suggesting. I use Flash, Blender, After Effects and Poser almost every day, but I find FlipaClip to be a breath of fresh air because of its simplicity and easy of use/access.

I don't think it belongs in this app it goes outside it's specialty of frame by frame.I like both types of animation but I think it's better to have seperate apps as then they can specialise.You could always import from a tween based app into Flipaclip and use the layers to work on it or vica versa.

I just think the app will just get clunky trying to be jack of all trades.

Animation Pro on the Ipad is pretty good if you want tweening.It also supports loading in videos so you could easily use them together.Its a shame it's not available on the Android owning a Galaxy note(stylus makes things so much easier).