Too easy to accidentally lose EVERYTHING

edytiel151 3 years ago in Android updated by CharmlesskeyYT 3 years ago 1

I lost DAYS of contest entry progress in just one tap because I was in the frame viewer and had all frames selected, and accidentally hit the trash button. Now, here are the problems with this:

1) When you select frames and tap the trash button while in the frame viewer, it does not pop up a prompt asking if you want to delete the frames; it just goes ahead and does it.

2) When this is done, the Undo prompt shows up at the bottom of the screen, but it goes away if you don't hit it fast enough or exactly right, and I haven't found a way to make it come back.

3) The app autosaves. With other animation apps that do that, it's not a bad thing... however, it's absolutely terrible when combined with such ease of accidentally deleting your entire animation in just one tap.

I think that fixing the problem would be as easy as a) adding an "Are you sure you want to delete these frames?" prompt when you're about to delete selected frames, and/or b) an Undo button that's permanently on the frame viewer. Please please PLEASE fix this before more people are devastated by accidental losses of their entire contest entries.

I feel bad for you

But deleting frames like that would be annoying

I lost an hour of work cause my phone broke